What is your spark?

What’s your spark? It only takes a spark to get a fire going, an engine started, a romance ignited. There is also a spark in your purpose that jumps from you to others. It is your unique gift to the world.

My daughter was counseling a friend once about her career options. She talked about several areas, but the compassion about one area caused her words to come alive. It was “her spark.”

Each of us has a unique mix of talent, skills, past, perspective, and passion. When all those components amalgamate into one focus, it produces a spark.

I don’t see sparks often enough.
Sadly, most people don’t know their spark or operate in it.

I often find the spark hiding in the heart of young people.
We’ll be talking, and something will light them up.

Their words have a superpower when they talk about it.
It’s their spark.

Have you ever read someone’s writing that jumps off at the page at you?

Or listened to a speaker, and be moved respond?
What caused you to do that?

Their spark.

It jumps out from the heart of a person.

Compassion lies at the heart of it.

Their spark jumps through their words and ignites the heart of the person hearing it or reading it.

Sometimes, I will notice a spark in someone else. I usually message them to encourage what I see in them.

Do you know your spark?

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