What does a Mamaliz do in public?

What does a Mamaliz do in public? Adopt and feed a traveling ski school group. I was sitting near this group and overheard them mention food.

It doesn’t take much to draw me to a big group of kids and teens.

You see, my heart is set on them. I sat near them purposefully. IT is the place I am always drawn.

Then, the door opened. We waiting in line together and I got to meet these wonderful young people up close and personal. I know their dreams in their hearts- each one of them has it in there.

I talked to them about the greatness inside and encouraged them not to wait until they grow up to do big things.

They asked if I could come to Maine and speak at their school. More importantly, they were going to email me. They became friends in just this short encounter.

What do you love? Hang around it. Invest in it freely with no strings attached. Business just falls into your lap. But that is secondary to each one of these amazing kids I was honored to meet.

What do you love? #mamaliz #students #children

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