Someone is looking for a shell just like you

I love to walk on the beach to find shells. On my last visit, I walked about 5 miles per day. As I stooped to pick out a shell that caught my eye, I realized that we are like these shells. Many of the shells are similar, but only one here or there catches my eye. When it does, I pick it up to keep. 

Others walked right past that same shell but left it untouched.
They didn’t have an eye to see what I saw.

It is the same way with you.
Once you find your greatness, your spark- that specialness sets you apart to shine, everyone will be drawn to you, right?

Not exactly.
Another component is someone must have an eye to see the specialness of you.

Sometimes it seems no one even sees you.
You may feel that you are just not good enough.

Trust that the right eye will see the value in you while others pass by.
Don’t get discouraged by rejection letters.
You will stand out to those who are looking and who have eyes to see.

It is the same way looking for shells.
There are many lying there shining, but one will catch my eye, and I choose it.

I see the specialness in young people, children, teens.
I choose them every time.

Trust that you are and have something special.

Put yourself out there for people to find you.
Then, trust that the right person will see your specialness.

Someone is looking for a shell just like you personally and the work you do professionally.

Their eyes will lock onto you.
You will be the shell they choose.
And they won’t want any other but you.

So you don’t have to worry about all the others that do what you do!
To the right person, at the right time, you will shine.

Do you ever feel like no one really sees you?

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