Once you decide to follow your life purpose, you only need to pack one thing: your heart.

What do you have in your suitcase? Once you decide to follow your life purpose, you only need to pack one thing: your heart.

I always plan for any occasion on a trip and pack too many things in my suitcase. When I traveled to Denmark last month, I had the option of a checked bag on my ticket. I chose to only take a carry one for convenience.

I was still in a walking boot with a broken foot, and I needed something light and easy to handle through three airport stops. So, I was grateful as I walked what seemed like miles in each airport and lifted my luggage on all the escalators while trying to stay balanced with that boot.

But before that trip, I had to rethink my packing and remove anything except the essentials. Based on my trip purpose, I decided what could be thinned down or eliminated entirely.

Even still, after I weighed my carryon. I had to remove even more.

When you set out after your life purpose, you need to do the same thing.

Pack light! Carry only the essentials.

Your heart is the only essential you need to pack when you take off after your life purpose.

The more baggage you take on that pursuit of your purpose, the more difficult the journey. You might even miss connecting flights to get to your actual destination at a stopover on the way.

Go back and repack your suitcase to reach your purpose before the new year begins.

Unpack your negative thoughts.
Unpack your past mistakes or failures.
Unpack your fears.
Unpack your unsupportive relationships.
Unpack “good things” that hold you back.

You’re not going to need any of those where you are going!
Those things will only crowd out the one essential- your heart.

Take time to consider your purpose carefully.
What do you NEED in your suitcase?

Go back and repack for your 2022 journey!

How do you decide what to pack for your trips?

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