Before you climb out of bed ….

The holiday season can be challenging, especially if you are all alone or have lost someone this year. So on this countdown to Christmas, do a self-check on your emotional health? There are many resources right here on LinkedIn that can help you through.

A good way to lift your spirits is to start the day off the right way.
Start the day thankful.

Before you turn on the light,
Before your feet hit the floor,
Take five minutes to be thankful.

Name your blessings of that day one by one and be thankful.

Don’t let the concerns of your life, the things to do today, or that you are all alone your first thoughts.

Purpose to focus on the good things and people in your life and be thankful.

Whisper your thoughts out loud.
“I am so thankful for…. because….”

Though mornings have always been a time of personal reflection for me, this little thankful routine became a part of my life quite by accident over the past few months.

It has been a great addition!

Because of the time differences, I am often awake communicating before my alarm. However, as I lay here in the dark before the alarm, I realized that my mind is always full of thankfulness for all the people and good things in my life.

I began to speak those thoughts out loud.

I realized how powerfully it affects me as my first thoughts.

When you speak gratitude forth, it wires your brain to focus on those good things.

That thankful spirit sets the stage for your whole day because it is the first focus of your mind for the day.

During this countdown to Christmas busyness, take a little longer to jump out of bed and use your snooze alarm time instead, not to grab a few more zzz’s, but to start your day off with a thankful heart.

How do you start your day?
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