2022 is our year!

22 is OUR year! We’re going to do it! We’re going to step into it! Can you feel it? It’s a gift all wrapped up and waiting for us to open it up!
There’s an excitement in the air for 2022 like no other new year I have known, both for me personally and everyone I seem to encounter!

22 is going to be OUR year!!

Deep in my heart, I feel all these years of dreaming and hoping and believing will start becoming a reality, not just for me but for so many.

22 is OUR year!

Things you have longed for personally and professionally are all aligning, sometimes simultaneously.

You are going to step into things so naturally, almost by accident, but so very intentionally orchestrated by the destiny that lies in your heart and soul.

As destiny begins to line up, watch things just fall into place!

Also, watch what happens when you align with the right person or people!

A dear friend and I were doing an errand together.
Destiny lined up.

In a matter of minutes, everything we have been dreaming about together was potentially laid out for us with the people and resources we need to step into it.

It was a destiny connection moment that could not have happened for either of us alone.

Those moments are waiting for you, too!

2022, I believe, is the year to step into all you are hoping for deep in your heart!

My wish for you is that every alignment falls into place effortlessly…

To silence every distracting voice and anyone or anything trying to draw you off your destiny…

That you will have the courage to step into the unknown when your heart is speaking to you…

And that 22 will be the best year of your entire lifetime!

And mostly, by this time at the end of 22, I pray you will look back over 22 as YOUR year, amazed at the beautiful journey it has been and the future it has opened for you!

What is YOUR ONE BIG DESTINY DREAM you want to see come to pass in 22?

I will make a “22 is OUR year” poster and put your dreams and hopes alongside my own, whether personal or professional.

Every day as I believe for my partner and me, I will believe for you, too.

Enter into this new year with excitement!

22 is going to be the ride of OUR lives!
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