Immerse yourself into the moments of your life!

Immerse yourself into the moments of your life! They only happen ONCE. As you hurry through these last weekends before the holidays, rushing here and there to get things done, take time to enjoy your moments.

I was looking through pictures from my recent trip to Denmark.

I took time to walk the streets, take in the sights and sounds and fully immerse myself in the moment.

Those memories, how it felt there immersed in the people and culture of Denmark, come rushing back to my senses when I see the pictures. They burned deep into my soul.

Many people, especially younger ones, rushed by disconnected and used the streets only to get somewhere else.

I experienced those streets as a place to be, not a means to get somewhere.

People do life, just like they do the streets.

It is only a means to get what they want or get to the next appointment, benchmark, or goal in life.

I try to immerse myself in my moments, my day as if it were the very last one.

Last night, a trip to the refrigerator for water turned into an adventure with my daughter quite spontaneously.

We talked and shared, and out of the exchange of a few ideas created something magical. An unexpected hour or more together to make a magical moment.

I turned to her and said, “I love our life together so much.”

It is so full and rich with memorable spontaneous moments that happen because we take the time to connect and enjoy each moment that presents itself.

For my weekend family encouragement this week, I challenge you to slow down and let moments happen in your life this weekend.

How are you spending these Saturdays before Christmas?

When was the last time you had a spontaneous magical moment with your child?

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