You can’t go back to what you used to be!

You can’t go back to what you used to be! You stepped out into the new, not realizing that when you made that step, there was no going back.

It’s a scary, uncomfortable, new world.

It would be so much easier to run back into the old job, the old relationship, the old “you” you used to be.

But you can’t.

Just like popcorn cannot go back into its kernel, you don’t fit in that tiny place where you used to live anymore.

When covid hit, I co-authored a free e-book for kids. People volunteered to translate it for the kids in their countries. It went to 70 countries in 25 languages.

I never translated a book before, but it was more comfortable for children to read in their native language. It got inside my heart.

I didn’t realize that something happened to ME in the process.
Internally, my whole perspective changed.

I can’t go back to who I was before.

I look at books differently. I look at myself differently.

I am called to empower ALL the children and youth of the whole world, not only the English-speaking world.

I can’t go back to what I used to be and do.
So I embrace the new.

I didn’t even realize I have left that part of me behind, never to be able to return.

Some decisions are life-altering.
Everything changes because of it.

This is one little example of one of mine.

What in your life has changed so much that you can’t go back to how it used to be or how you used to be?

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