How do we nurture HOPE?

How do we nurture HOPE? Hope is “a feeling of desire for something and confidence in the possibility of its fulfillment.” (The Free Dictionary)

It is believing in the unseen because there is a basis of trust and confidence in yourself or someone else that it will one day come to fruition.

But just because HOPE arises, it won’t produce anything or maintain if you don’t care for it properly.

HOPE is like LOVE. Neither grows magically.
Nor do they produce on their own.

The strongest HOPE or LOVE in the world can fade away when not nurtured and protected.

HOPE grows in the garden of your heart.
It needs daily nurturing.

When HOPE is a new little sprouts just poking a head through the soil, it is most critical to hover over that new little seedling if you want it to grow and produce.

I believe the main cause of failure is NEGLECT.

If you are the caretaker of HOPE, it is up to YOU to nurture it into being.

How do you do that?
First, you must decide it is what you want to grow.

Then, prepare the soil for it to grow.

Next, fortify the soil with the proper nutrients and fertilizers to grow it the best possible chance.

Finally, water it daily so it can grow.
Water it with encouragement.
Water it with words of faith in it.

Daily watering HOPE is the step most people fail to do.

They let HOPE just “be there,” but they don’t make an effort to water it into reality.

It is not going to grow, nor can it even live, without its daily dose of water.

The younger the HOPE, just like the more youthful the LOVE, the more fragile and vulnerable it will be.

It needs MORE CARE when its roots are just getting established.

It needs that water each day to keep the young roots alive.

But keep in mind, no matter how big your HOPE grows, if you do not choose to be the caretaker of that HOPE, it can still die.

If it is of value to you, you will do whatever it takes to ensure it has all it needs to grow.

Besides providing the things it needs to grow, you also must PROTECT it.

When someone puts their words against your HOPE, which figuratively is like stomping on that little plant you have watched germinate, YOU must intervene.

You must treat your HOPE with that same level of protection.
Sometimes that means stopping them directly from harming it.

Sometimes it means choosing to remove them from your garden entirely because you are growing something. The person who doesn’t believe in your HOPE is poison waiting for a chance to kill it.

Hover around that HOPE and protect it, just like you protect your LOVE relationships.

When others speak against it or try to step on it, do whatever it takes to stop them.

Then, the day will come when your HOPE will bloom and produce the fruit you saw in your heart and mind all along.

How else can we nurture and protect HOPE?
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