Whatever gift you have, talent you have, special thing you are or do…..take it wherever you go!

Whatever gift you have, talent you have, special thing you are or do…..take it wherever you go!

I was flying back from Denmark with the first leg of the journey to Munich, Germany, seated in an aisle seat.

On the opposite side of the aisle, a beautiful dark-haired young woman sat one row ahead of me. She sat down and immediately began fanning herself.

As I watched her mannerisms, I knew she must be sick or running a fever. However, a flight attendant also noticed her, and she explained she was just nervous.

Of course, Mamaliz reached out to help. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she was okay. It was her first flight, and she was nauseous from fear. 

I struck up a conversation with this recent high school graduate on her way to Greece. I asked her about her dreams for her life and told her about myself, and offered to send her a free book when I got home.

We talked back and forth, and soon a college-aged girl directly in front of me was in our conversation to Munich.

Finally, at the airport, we three musketeers got off together.
They waited on me in my boot, and we headed off together to find our flights and talk.  

The college-aged one had a flight right away, so my new friend, Salma, and I sat down to wait together and talk.

We exchanged numbers. I bought her gum to calm her stomach and a little Munich magnet when I went to check my gate number and gave her one of my new KN95 masks required on her next flight.

We agreed to text to keep her calm as she had to get to her gate.

It was not long before I got a text.
She was getting nervous again since she was alone.

I texted her how to overcome her fear with words.
She was skeptical.

I asked her to count backward 100 to 1 in her mind, then say her name aloud and see how words stopped the thoughts.
She wondered if that would prevent the sick feeling.
I assured her that it would if it was related to the fear.

We said our goodbyes via text as her plane took off.

About ten hours later, after a tumultuous flight across the Atlantic, the first message that popped up after I turned off airplane mode was hers.

She had slept through the entire flight! It worked!

You don’t have to be a MamaLiz to make a difference.

So no matter what you do, keep your eyes and heart open out there in the world.
You never know how your little words can make all the difference in a life.

How do you overcome fear?
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