Step out and let love lead!

Step out and let love lead! When I encountered the youth on their trip this week, I didn’t think twice about interacting with them.

Though they were strangers, at the same time, they were children and teenagers. Love for that generation, no matter who they are, made me know them without ever knowing them.

When you share your love with them freely, there is a naturalness that flows.

I must be honest; they didn’t receive that love back at first.
Instead, they were skeptical and suspicious.

That is often the case when you just put yourself on the line for love.

So, I offered my card to establish who I was to both them and their leaders, and we continued to talk for a few minutes.

It didn’t take long before they sensed there was something real about me, that love melted the walls between us, and for just a few minutes, they opened their hearts back to this random stranger who saw them, reached out in love, took time to listen to them, and took time to care.

I am as open and genuine as I can be.
It is the only way I know how to be.
But I am also willing to be vulnerable to touch their lives.

That causes me to step across boundaries that others would not cross because of fear and vulnerability. But, at the same time, being that way costs.

Children and teens have pure and honest hearts and can sense that my love for them is real.
They also have hearts that love purely and honestly.
We connect easily, and they offer their pure and honest love back to me.

They trust me, but it is also a dynamic that I can trust, too.

But, unfortunately, that kind of pure and honest childlike love is almost nonexistent in the adult world. It is one reason I love their beautiful world.

The weekend encouragement I have for you is “Don’t play games with your kids’ hearts or any other kids’!”

Demonstrate love honestly and tangibly to your children and teenagers.

Help preserve that innocence of heart.
Mean what you say and do it.
Put down your phone and spend your time with them.
Be reliable and demonstrate that your love is trustworthy.

How do you build trust through love in your children and teenagers?
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