A New Year is like a Newborn Baby

A new year is like a newborn baby. Any parent will tell you that no matter how much you plan and feel ready for this new arrival, you quickly find out that a newborn does not come with an instruction manual.

Neither does a new year.

The one thing you will find as a new parent that always works is love.

Love teaches you how to care for this new life and what different cries mean.

Sometimes, it’s a hunger cry.
Other times, it is a cry for a diaper change.
Still other times, it is a cry of pain from colic, sickness, or a new tooth.
And yet other times, it is a lonely cry of just needing to be held close.

Somehow, you learn this unspoken newborn language or try a little of everything to find a way to stop the crying.

A new year has a language, too, if you learn to listen to it.

Somedays will need you more than others.

Sometimes it will be taxing on your strength and patience.

Somedays, when all you try doesn’t work, you may sit down and cry, too.

Other days will cause your heart to explode with so much joy.

The one thing you can give a newborn that always works is love.

It is the same answer for a new year.

Whatever arises in this year to come, the answer to every day is always to love.

Pick up this newborn year, hold it tight. and give it lots of love.

Happy 2022!

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