Be like the lady eagle

ady eagles are cautious, patient, and wise birds. They create a series of trials to test any potential suitors. In the same way, you should put your possible business alliances to the eagle test. Is there compatibility, courage, and the character you want representing you?

A lady eagle provides complex tests for a reason. This testing process is based on the life and death of her future eaglets as much as it is about seeing which male eagle will go the extra mile to pass the test to win her approval.

In the same way, your future business idea, “eaglets,” need a safe environment to grow and learn to fly.

Test and watch a potential business alliance over time.
Be patient.

See how they respond to situations both with you and away from you to gain insight into their character.

You need alliances that are trustworthy and compatible for your eaglet ideas to live.

Choose them wisely.

Close business alliances also represent YOUR name, your company.

Be sure that their core values closely align with your own.

Often, key character weaknesses are revealed by following social media content. Large companies do this, and so should you.

It is not only the content they produce, but their activity reveals character and tendencies that could be detrimental to your eaglets.

Would you want it to represent who YOU are?

So how does a lady eagle test suitors?
She flies up very high and drops a small pebble or stick.

A group of suitors all dive-bomb to be the first to catch it and return it to the lady as a trophy.

She flies up half the distance and drops the pebble or stick again. Only brave ones will dive for it now.

As the winner brings the trophy pebble or stick back to the lady eagle, she then flies dangerously close to the ground and once again drops it. A singular suitor will risk his life to fetch the pebble or stick to win the approval of the lady eagle.

Is the lady eagle playing hard to get?

No, she is testing to see which eagle suitor has enough courage to save the life of a future baby chick if it falls out of its nest at the risk of his own life.

Take time before you align with others.
Write out a description of both the work skills and ethics you want representing you.

Those are your pebbles.
Then, through interaction, time, and observation, be sure each pebble is “caught” before you agree to alliances.

Finally, be sure your affiliations dare to fly where you are going to fly!

How do you test business alliances for compatibility, courage, and character?
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