Build A Bridge

Each generation is laying a bridge up for the next to walk on to allow them to go higher than the last. Throughout history, everyday people chose to lay down their lives for a better future for the next generation. They became great examples in their time.

As we empower our children and youth with our knowledge and inspire them to dream big dreams, the next generation will climb higher.

The bridge you are building today helps those behind you to walk over your experiences and go further than they could on their own.

I’ve learned a few lesson in my lifetime. So have you.
Some have taken years of trial and error to get to the place I can now do it with ease.

Many people are a wealth of bridges in their respective fields that can empower a younger generation.

Share your bridge.
It was not built only for you.

Let’s empower them with what we know.

Bridges also span a chasm.

We have a giant chasm to build a bridge of love across right now in this world for our youth.

We must overcome old ways that have kept the bridge broken down through the years and build one that really works.

We have to be willing to show this young generation there is a path of love that can be that bridge.

I want to be on the front line to make a better tomorrow for them. I know others have that same heart.

One day, the youth of today and tomorrow will walk freely back and forth unhindered.

Who’s ready to build a bridge?

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