Building A Caravan

Happy Saturday! I am building a caravan and invite you to come be a part of this movement of greatness to empower not only children and youth, but the whole world to step into the dreams and visions and greatness designed for you in 2022.

I feel like I have been partially AWOL for a while with trips, sickness, and investing a lot of my time into helping others but I am back and stronger than ever before.

You are my world. I’ve grown to appreciate and love you in a way I never imagined. I’ve sown into LinkedIn freely for 2.5 years with free kids Covid books, all the posts I write, all the free help behind the scenes when I feel I need to step in, all the businesses I have encouraged and counseled you forward and I see you now linking your dreams, even helped with fresh new ideas for content creators who read my posts to be inspired to create their own.

This year is going to be a shift. I need to get my message out in a bigger way. I’m not into social media hype so I’m calling on you to help expand my voice to help more people in the world. If I’ve made a difference in your life, help me make a difference in more lives.

I am so honored every time a young person on here calls me mentor, mama, mommy, mom. I want to step into that role for the world in a big way but I need your help to do it.

Be sure to watch for the presell of my new book STARTING THE YEAR OFF RIGHT with Mamaliz. It’s in the spirit of goes my posts but deeper and more personal so the truths can be internalized. It is also filled with some interesting stories and lessons I learned in a Denmark at my start of the year.

Have a great Saturday, Mamaliz tribe! Let’s change the world together in an explosive way this year. What YOU do and what I do really do matter!!

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