Crash Your Negative Thought Thieves

The first day we arrived in Denmark, I had a disturbing dream that woke me shortly after falling asleep. In the dream, Anna and I had both contracted COVID there! I saw hospital oxygen tents and the uncertainty of the life and outcome for both of us. But was this just my imagination? Was it fear? Or was it a warning?

This is another snippet from a story in my new book STARTING THE YEAR OFF RIGHT with MamaLiz about our Denmark journey. If you have been following my posts, you know we both did get COVID there.

The outcome was much different than the dream, however.

When faced with negative thoughts or possibilities, what do you do?

There are two ways of thinking when you encounter something negative in your life.

First, you can accept the path as inevitable and how it will just be.

The second option is to fight against that negative outcome with all your might.

I’m the second option. Imagine that. 😊

So often, people give in to negative expectations as just the way it will be, whether from encountering a similar experience reminiscent of a poor outcome in the past or even just a negative thought or dream like this one.

I don’t do that!

If negative thought, dream, or pattern comes my way, I don’t give into it. This brings out the super-heroin in me. So kindly, little MamaLiz steps aside and lets the giant in me take it on.

Imagine for a moment seeing a robber who stole something valuable from you jump in his car to drive off with it.

I would jump in my car and chase them down while calling 911 to back me up and crash into their vehicle to stop them if necessary.

Anything and anyone trying to steal your health, finances, children, joy, positivity, and future is a thief. Treat it as such!

I’m not going to give a thief entrance into my life.

Negative thoughts and expectations are thieves that will steal your future!

If they find their way in, don’t just stand by and let thieves have their way.

When I had this dream, I began to war against that negative health possibility for us from the moment I had it. I didn’t accept that as a possibility for me or my daughter!

I laid awake all night, troubled in my heart and resisted the possibility or giving in to these thoughts.

I must confess the dream came flooding back when Anna got sick and tested positive, then I did, but I refused to allow that negative dream to govern my expectations for the outcome.

Something about YOUR expectations of outcomes affects outcomes.

Go chase down the thieves in your life today, crash into them, and take your future, family, finances, health, joy, and positive outlook back!

How do you face negative possibilities, negative situations, negative thoughts, or a negative dream?

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