Does Your Work Feel Like “Home”

I love home. There is something special about returning to the land I love and the place I am destined to live that satisfies my soul. Much like a bird that returns to a territory by instinct, my inner radar knows home.

After a long trip abroad, I am especially grateful for it. Denmark was beautiful and I love to travel and encounter new people and cultures, especially to see the architecture of other countries, but for me, there’s no place like home.

It’s more than the physical house that I miss.

I miss the mountains, the culture, the comfort of being in the area where I fit best.

Whenever I drive home from vacation at the beach, there’s a place approaching Tennessee where you begin to see the mountains off in the distance, and my heart just fills with joy to see “home” ahead.

I also miss the atmosphere of my home that I have built layer by layer over time.

The thought of home is a comfortable, warm, fuzzy feeling for me.
I know that when I walk through the door, it’s my sanctuary, and it strengthens every cell in my body.

For me, the thing I value most is that my home is a place full of peace and love. My daughter and I have invested in our home atmosphere by being mindful of what we bring in or broadcast in here because we value what we have here. It is a sanctuary for my family and me. We are shielded from the world.

A home is also place filled with all your favorites because you design your home to fit you- your favorite décor, foods, and your favorite people in all the world and your pets are right there all in one place!
What a joy it is to be home!

It’s where you can relax completely, and you are free just to be you.
It’s the place where you can dress as comfortably as you want or stay in pajamas all day because it’s home.

My work also feels like home to me.

I write the same way I live, very simply and very comfortably. One friend said it felt like she was sitting down talking with me face to face when she read Time 2 Thrive.

When I talk with people, it is not a fancy presentation. I simply speak from my heart. It connects.

Another place that feels like home to me is helping young people, teenagers, children. They have a homing device attached that draws me to interact with them no matter where I go. That’s why it’s so easy to work with them.

I just relax and enjoy the moments. I can just be me. They feel like home.

Does your work feel like “home” to you?

Does it fit your persona so well it is like a pair of comfortable slippers you slip on as you enter?

There’s a place that fits you that well somewhere.
Find your way home.

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