Find your childlike heart

Find your childlike heart. It is the playground of possibility thinking where imagining and doing the impossible have no limits. START THE YEAR OFF RIGHT by searching for that childlike heart that you have outgrown to fully embrace all life has for you in 2022.

Somehow, rationality and sensibility take over as we grow up, and life becomes mundane.

How much this world needs a return to a childlike heart.

There are SEVEN qualities that a person with a childlike heart possesses that causes them to be most likely to be successful in life by says:

1 Children exhibit humility- are “awe-inspired by the world around them.”

2 Children have faith. “in others, in themselves, in a higher power even if it is Santa Clause.”

3 Children “remember the feeling of innocence” and “act with no ulterior motive.”

4 Children embrace revelation. “They are curious and want to know everything there is to know about life.”

5 Children transform themselves. “They have no preconceived notion about how to act.” They are free to be “me” and learn from others.

6 Children yearn. “To grow up, for new experiences, for knowledge.”

7 Children feel victorious. “It doesn’t take much for a kid to feel like a winner.”

How long has it been since you felt these SEVEN ways?
Take each quality and ponder it carefully and honestly.

How long has it been?

Write these SEVEN qualities on your goal board for 2022.

It will be good for your soul, mind, and peace to find a childlike heart again.

Find your “awe.”
Believe the impossible.
Destroy every motive that is not innocent.
Let curiosity arise and learn.
Forget how you “should act” and be you.
Yearn for new experiences.
And most of all, celebrate every little victory.

Finding your childlike heart will make your year unforgettable and transform your life forever!

What is your favorite quality in a little child?
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