How Does YOUR Heart Fruit Taste?

Fruit is a collective word. In a bowl of mixed fruit, to get the full effect, you must taste all of the fruit together to enjoy the full and intended impact of all the fruit flavors intermingled.

It is the same way with the fruit of your heart.

Fruit is a collective word.

It isn’t one piece of the fruit that makes the flavor right, but it takes all of them together to make this tasteful, flavorful spirit to bring to the world.

A bowl of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control has a flavor all their own that tastes best when tasted together.

Love requires the flavors of patience and faithfulness to taste right.

Too much gentleness and peace in the mixture might dull the flavor of the fruit.

Joy in the mixture balances that dullness and brings some spice to it.

Peace requires patience and self-control to maintain its flavor.

Too much kindness in the mix makes the fruit a little too syrupy sweet.

While too much self-control might taste bitter or dull.

Heart fruit tastes best when you taste all the good qualities the heart can hold together but in balance.

When someone encounters you, you leave a particular taste behind when they get a taste of you.

How does your heart fruit taste?

Do others recognize a mixture of good flavors, or are there bad ones that leave an aftertaste?

Is there too much of one and not enough or none of another?

Judge your heart fruit.
Rate your heart (1-10) by the heart characteristics and how much each one rules your heart on the inside. What causes each fruit to spoil or disappear from your heart fruit mixture?

We all need a heart that “tastes good” to family, friends, business, and all the rest of the world.

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