Know your weakness!

Are you HONEST with yourself about your WEAKNESSES? As we continue with the STARTING THE YEAR OFF RIGHT SERIES, I want to stress that it is helpful to know your strengths, but more importantly, you must be honest with yourself about your personal WEAKNESSES!

A bridge with ONE weak support beam can cause an entire bridge to come crashing down!

No matter how pretty the bridge design or how strong all the other supports might be, you MUST know if one support is weak and focus on strengthening that support.

It takes HUMILITY and TRANSPARENCY to see your weaknesses- two more critical character traits that I seek in my personal and professional relationships.

One of my most significant weaknesses throughout my life has been helping others to my detriment sometimes.

It is a weakness that flows from my ENFJ personality type.

I try to guard that weakness, but I have to be aware of it all the time.

Luckily, I turned that WEAKNESS into a strength.

It is the very core of my work, the books that I write, the speeches I deliver, and the workshops I conduct.

My books, speeches, and workshops carry a life-changing synergy to do this for anyone who reads or hears them.

I still need to promote my work more, so people realize its life-changing effect, but the core of what I do takes my WEAKNESS and makes it a STRENGTH.

What about you?
What is YOUR greatest weakness?

How can you TURN YOUR WEAKNESS into your STRENGTH FOR 2022?

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