Hi, It’s MamaLizTM!

Many years ago, my CEO asked me to lead training for a group of financial planners in my company, Pruco Securities, about time priorities. I had never spoken before publicly. I absolutely loved it! Afterward, my CEO pulled me aside and said, “Liz, you are only seeing the tip of the iceberg,” and jokingly labeled me Lizzy Ziglar because of the encouraging and motivational style of my talk.

I wrote a book in the nineties, I Miss My Time with You, based on the life lesson from my near-death experience in my 20s. From that near-death experience, I discovered the value of time and the need to live life with purpose. But, most importantly, I made the quality decision to “live every day like it is my last” and began speaking a bit in women’s meetings and churches about time.

That intertwined with my passion for children and youth, so I began teaching them about time priorities while maintaining a thriving youth ministry and youth music and art training center. I wrote books, developed workshops, wrote homeschool curriculums on time but never really pressed into that motivationalist that emerged during that initial talk at Pruco.  

Years passed, and a new book for college students was almost finished. Then, I entered the Linked In world in 2019, and it changed my world forever. I began to write daily content. That river of encouragement and motivation began to flow through me. Now, I am not only a child and youth author and teacher, but my posts from #MamaLizTM inspire thousands every day to pursue greatness and achieve their goals in life. I’m finally beginning to see a little more of that iceberg and its Lizzy Ziglar effect on others.

I plan to release a motivational journal and biography from my near-death experience in 2022.

MamaLizTM is available as a guest inspirational and/or motivational speaker virtually and on a limited live basis due to COVID.

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