Never underestimate an eagle

I think a lot of eagles are in a molting process right now. You may feel you have gone as far as you can go and you just can’t go on. If that is you, take a lesson from the eagle. When the eagle gets to that place in life, he transforms himself to add both more years to his life and more strength to those years. He molts.

Always show compassion when another eagle is molting. That person transforming who looks weak and ugly right now might be a magnificent eagle molting to become better than before.

“When eagles become old, their feathers, beak, and claws start withering.

They need to transform so that they can live longer, stronger.
Therefore, they undergo molting.

In a secure valley, “they pluck out their wings, break off their beak by smashing it on a rock, and rub off their talons so that they are completely removed from their claws.

Many eagles die during molting, due to the pain.
They are dependent on their brothers and sisters for food.

Researchers believe that the eagles that survive this gruesome transformation emerge stronger, fitter, and sharper than before.”

A person of greatness always wants to stay great.
You submit yourself to whatever it takes to stay renewed, strong, and sharp.

Often, you break off what worked from the past but is now dated, worn.

While you molt, you look like a complete mess for a while.

It is painful.
You must lean on others during the process.

But in the end, you emerge stronger, fitter, and sharper than before.

But never forget, you are ALWAYS a magnificent eagle, even when you molt.

Do you identify with the eagle molting right now?

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