Omnicron- What To Do If You Are Infected Traveling

Omnicron is just as highly contagious as the hype about it. I cared for an active case of Alpha in my home and Anna was in close contact with a professor with Delta for several days and we avoided both of them. Not Omnicron!

What do you do when you are traveling internationally and get infected? It is a part of our adventure to Denmark!

I wrote about the whole story in the new book coming to START YOUR YEAR OFF RIGHT with MAMALIZ, but as Commander Liz, let me encourage you to WEAR YOUR N-95 MASK and SOCIAL DISTANCE diligently. This virus is SO contagious!
We were infected before we even flew out in Knoxville!

Simple things can lessen your symptoms and hopefully shorten the healing process.

Take the recommended dosages of Vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin D every day, and definitely when you are infected!

Get as much sunshine and fresh air as possible.

Gargle, gargle, gargle…lessen the viral load as much as possible in the throat!
Use saline (water and salt) solution drops to lessen the viral load in your nose.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
Plus, we increased our dosage of Elderberry as an antiviral.

Wear a MASK and gloves or wash hands immediately for 2 rounds of Happy Birthday every single time you visit the room of an infected person. (and have the infected person to wear a mask with you.)

Even in caring for them, SOCIAL DISTANCE.

LYSOL, LYSOL, LYSOL and open the windows of the isolation room every 3-4 hours for 10 minutes of fresh air. Ventilate small apartments with windows open in all rooms.

Use antiseptic wipes on every surface touched by an infected person, toilets, sinks, light switches, doorhandles, and Lysol the air and open the windows every time they are out of isolation.

Wash their clothes and bedding separately!! It can get into fabric!

Use paper plates and cups or designate dishes, silverware, glasses to be used only by the infected person and WASH THEM SEPERATELY and dry with paper towels.

If you are traveling internationally, call your embassy and they can direct you to a doctor to get a MEDICAL TRAVEL CERTIFICATE once your symptoms are gone EVEN IF YOU TEST NEGATIVE BEFORE YOU TRAVEL. A big THANK YOU to THE PRIVATE DOCTOR ( for helping us through this process!

You can continue to test positive for 12 weeks after recovery.

You will need both your positive report and your travel medical release certificate to fly and each country scrutinizes it differently.

Thank you to my army of good friends who were praying for me and Anna, sending positive vibes, and good thoughts our way!

You CAN overcome this!
You CAN travel if you progress quickly through it!

And lastly, don’t feel you are safe once you have had it.
Research I read suggested it only gave a 19.8% chance of not being reinfected.

Take care, Mamaliz Tribe and stay safe and strong through this wave of COVID!

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