Peace. Inner tranquility and quiet. Stillness. Time to be quiet is a needed part of your life. It is not only necessary to still your busy world until it is quiet and peaceful on the outside.

It is also necessary to still your busy mind until it is quiet and peaceful on the inside.

Stillness is the part of building success that many people neglect. It can be challenging to find amid a busy family and in the world today.

But to be truly happy, truly successful, and maintain that success, find it, you must!

I love to go for a walk in falling snow in the middle of the night.

The flakes, reflecting in the streetlights, are exquisite.

This blanket of snow covers everything as the crunch of your steps creates a path where no one has been before.

The world is asleep, so there is a natural quiet.

The snow absorbs some of the soundwaves and brings such a stillness to the atmosphere.

It’s breathtakingly still.

“Stillness is powerful. ‘Being still is like replenishing the stores. It allows us time and space.’ It gives us time and space to self-reflect to hear our thoughts, Lawson said. It also soothes our nervous system. ‘Stillness produces the anti-stress fix by allowing us some chill time without totally checking out and being numb to our experience.’”(

Zig Ziglar said, “If you want to build a winning attitude, you need to take time to be quiet. And you need to do it at least three to four times a week.”

Find your place of stillness. Prayer. Meditation. A Walk.  

Take time to be quiet. Find your peace.

How do you maintain peace?

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