Prune Away Your Past

As you START YOUR NEW YEAR OFF RIGHT, let me ask you a question. Have you pruned away from your past? You see, if you don’t prune (forgive) your past mistakes, they continue to haunt you for the rest of your life.

This weekend, take some time to look over your life, your thought patterns that arise in certain situations that remind you of your past, and do some pruning to yourself, your relationships, and your business.

First, forgive YOURSELF for your past. Then, give yourself a new beginning to grow the right way.

“Pruning a tree is like getting a haircut for yourself. You need to cut off your dead, split ends for your hair to continue to grow healthy and strong. When you prune the tree, you reduce the chance that the tree or its branches might break, and it helps your tree to look better. (treepros .com)

In the same way, pruning your past allows your life to grow healthy and strong.

Pruning dead limbs off a tree is also for safety’s sake. It prevents dead limbs from flying off in a storm.

There are storms in life that we encounter. Old mistakes, sins, and failures surface when the heat is turned on during these life storms. By pruning them off now, future storms in life will be a safer place.

Dead places in trees are access points for disease. Those diseases spread into healthy parts of the tree and can kill it.

In the same way, dead places in your past are access points for bitterness and unforgiveness. Those diseases can poison and destroy the healthy parts of your mind and heart, your relationships, and your business.

Prune away relationships that are dangerous, dead, or poison as well. Sometimes you need to just cut some people out of your life to find a healthy place to grow for yourself.

Also, take those pruning snips to your business life.
What part of it is not growing, dead, and taking resources, time, and energy from you and producing no life?

Consider pruning that part off so the healthy parts have more of your life-giving flow.

Have you pruned away your past to leave ONLY the healthy, growing, vibrant parts of your life on your tree of life?

Happy weekend, y’all!

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