See you on the other side of 22!

Before you close out 2021, do one last thing.

Take some time today to think about this past year and be grateful for this gift of time called 2021 you have just passed through.

Is it hard to remember all the good times?

Take time today to add a new habit for 2022.

Start a daily grateful jar.

Write one good thing from each day on a slip of paper and drop it in your grateful jar throughout 2022.

Next December 31, read each one and you will have a mountain of memories to relive and feel the joy of every day life multiplied back to you.

Close our 2021 with a heart full of gratitude for this precious gift called life.

What is your ONE best memory of 2021?

Happy New Year, MamaLiz tribe!
See you on the other side of 22!

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