Sometimes You End Up Right Where You Were Meant to Be

What do you do when all your plans fall apart? You go with the flow! New Year’s Eve morning in the beautiful city of Copenhagen came with a surprise for us.

Anna woke with a very sore throat and fever.

Though we had planned to have a special brunch on the town and partake in the fireworks with the locals at the City Town Square, our plans changed abruptly.

We had planned to be there on that square, watching the big town clock strike midnight for New Year’s Eve a month prior as I was sightseeing in November in the beautiful city.

Sometimes, however, you end up right where you were supposed to be all along, and I think that is the case for us in Denmark.

We were privileged to partake with the locals another tradition, watching Queen Margrethe’s speech on television with Anna on the sofa bed with a fever and sore throat.

It was meaningful to me to watch this very special speech.

It was her 50th New Year’s Eve speech to the country.

Interestingly, she was crowned queen 50 years prior on August 1st, my birthday!

I felt a special bond with this regal queen of Denmark whose smile was contagious even though I listened to the speech in Danish while our host translated it afterward.

In every speech for 50 years, her final words were the same, “God bless Denmark.”

Only one night before, as we walked through her residence palace, I had uttered the very same words, “God bless Denmark.”

I knew I was meant to be right there and right then a part of that moment.

When your plans seem to be all upset by circumstances, don’t despair or feel you have missed something.

When you surrender to your destiny in life, it takes you where you need to be, when you need to be there.

Trust that sometimes there are moments you are not supposed to miss in the scheme of life.

Sometimes it is the leading of your heart that gets you there.

Other times unavoidable circumstances show up and force you there, but either way, there are times you know you are just where you were meant to be.

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Have you ever had one of those unplanned moments when you knew you were right where you were supposed to be?

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