The Time Doctor

The Time Doctor- We can Fix Your Time! (Grades K-3)

I’m so excited about this new series for time management for kids! Having written time management curriculum and conducting workshops for years, I think this is my favorite venue ever. This fictional character brings real solutions to children with problems like always being late, distractions, procrastination and almost any time challenge a child might face. So many young people are time challenged! The Time Doctor will help establish good time habits early- grooming a new generation for success and greatness!

Teaching about time to empower children and youth has been my life passion.  Time workshops and written curriculum works well for older children and teens, but I have been searching for a way to reach the very young child with a meaningful time tool.  This Time Doctor series is such a great way to present complex truths to very young children in a storybook format.

This lovable little time-faced character has real solutions for time management problems that real children face every day.  Whether your child has problems with being late, disorganization, or procrastination; invite The Time Doctor into your house today!  He will have just the right prescription to empower your child to greatness!

The Time Doctor visits schools and preschools to teach young children how to tame their time monsters!


Late for soccer again?  Nicky can never seem to get anywhere on time!  When his LATE-ITIS costs his team the win, it’s time to call in some help. The Time Doctor has just the right prescription to lasso the never on time monster so it never ties up Nicky’s time or anyone else’s time again. Join Nicky as he learns to respect others by learning how to be on TIME.

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Patty has a serious problem with putting things off until the last minute. As “Put-It-Off Patty begins to taste the consequences of her procrastination, her parents call in help. The Time Doctor has just the right prescription to help Patty tame this time monster in her life.

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Louie has a huge problem- a toy-eating monster keeps stealing his toy parts! Every time he starts to rebuild something, the blocks or track parts are missing. When his dad’s pool connectors go missing as well, it is time to call in the expert- The Time Doctor. The Time Doctor helps Lose-It-Louie capture and box up that toy-eating monster for good.

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Little Lily Lyle can never seem to get anything done without leaving out a step. Whether it is getting ready for bed or going to school, it is always a circus act getting everything done in time. When Leave-It-Out Lily gets left out of a field trip, it’s time to call in the Time Doctor. He has just the solution to get her circus act under control.


Busy little Betsy Battle signs up for every after school activity she can fit in.  Only that is the problem– it doesn’t always fit in.  Often times, an extra practice or a large school assignment throws her schedule into a tizzy.  When Betsy costs her team a forfeit, it’s time to call in some timely help.  The Time Doctor has just the prescription to take the sting out of the Busy Bee Time Monster!