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With a background in business and entrepreneurship, Author and Motivational Speaker Elizabeth (Liz) Franklin has invested her time, talents, prayer, and love into young people for over thirty years.

Through powerful time management and success skills, she empowers children, teens, and college students to find their talents, build their future, and pursue their dreams right now.

Liz has spoken on college campuses worldwide including, the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, and Jai Hind College, Mumbai, India.

Her latest book, with co-author Anna Franklin, Time 2 Thrive/Taming the Time Monster, will be available for college students on September 1, 2021, with versions for younger teens and children being released later in the fall.

Mother and Daughter, Liz and Anna Franklin, teamed up to write this life changing book about life, college, time, and success for high school and college students.  It is a unique perspective of business and personal success strategies from Liz’s background in management, financial planning, and entrepreneurship that coincides with Anna’s day to day reality of college life.

Anna is a current Graduate Teaching Assistant pursuing her Master’s in Communications Studies at the University of Tennessee. Anna is a 2021 Summa Cum Laude graduate in the Chancellor’s Honors Program from the University of Tennessee with a 4.0 GPA. Anna won awards including Top Collegiate Scholar and The Volunteer of Distinction and inducted into Lamba Pi Eta. Anna served as an Honor’s Ambassador.

She has published multiple children’s books and has received national awards for research in the area of severe weather communication.

Coming September 1, 2021 

Time 2 Thrive/Taming the Time Monster College Edition two-book set. 

College..No one plans to fail at life. If I surveyed campuses all over the world, it would be hard to find even one student whose goal for college is to fail. Unfortunately, after the first semester of college many students find themselves with serious GPA problems due to failures. A poor beginning affects your finances, your time, your self-esteem, and your future. How do you avoid becoming one of those failure statistics? That’s what TIME 4 COLLEGE is all about–teaching young adults to survive and thrive in this huge life adjustment called college. The greatest challenge to your success will not be the difficulty of the courses, but rather the way that you manage, utilize, and prioritize your time on a daily basis.TIME 4 COLLEGE is not a boring session on how to make a to-do list. It is two books in one: a motivation success book of self-discovery, finding vision, avoiding the pitfalls that cause failure, adapting the habits of success, and learning how to become a thriver that naturally rises to the top. Secondly, you learn to tame the time monster. By learning how to utilize your brain’s innate ability to manage the time you can trick your brain to work for you to foster a successful and thriving atmosphere. Let’s work together and make time to become your ally instead of your enemy and find your own personal road to becoming a thriver in life. 

Taming the Time Doctor

I have bad news for you—you are going to face a monster. This monster’s name is TIME. In my books for children, I invented The Time Doctor. He helps them overcome Time Monsters in their lives.

People of all ages have Time Monsters to battle. In college, there are monsters like 32-48 hours of homework; peer groups; and research papers due while studying for finals.

Some days you will feel like the Time Monster is winning the battle. Other days, you will feel you have it under control, and it comes back to bite you from behind.

Statistics show that 33% of all students who fail in college do so because they do not know how to control their Time Monster.

33%! One out of three!

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in the fall of 2018, there are 19.9 million college students attending college in the U.S. That means 6.5 million will fail college this very year because of not managing this monster called time. If you can learn to tame the Time Monster, you can eliminate 33% of the reasons for failure in college.

We can tame that Time Monster, so it won’t be able to devour your life. Watch for #TimeMonster alerts.  We’re going to tame your time!  

What is YOUR Time Monster?

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