The War Series for Children

“It’s Gonna Be Okay” is the first in the children’s war series. It is a simple book about the beginning of the war as millions fled the nation to refugee centers told through the eyes of a child.

Parents, please take time to talk through the emotions of each experience with your child. They hear the news. Help them process it. Assure them that they are safe, and it is far away. Show them on a globe.

Teach your children what it means to care about someone you don’t even know. teach them the word, empathy, feeling the pain of someone else from another part of the world.

If they are going through personal struggles themselves or you are, let the words, “It’s gonna be okay” soothe your soul and calm your fears that somehow in this life, it will be.

Maybe, just maybe, thirty years from now some of them may be in leadership positions in nations and this empathy will influence their decisions.  Maybe, just maybe, when you read it to your child, you, too will be a little softer for others who are hurting in this world.

Proceeds from the paperback on Amazon will be donated to refugee centers for children.


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