What did you do to get where you are?

What did you do to get where you are? When you began to pursue your career or personal business, your dream, maybe a sport or hobby, your mate, what did you do to bring it into reality?

Like most people, you spend every spare moment pursuing what you want in your life. But, unfortunately, we often invest more of ourselves into GETTING what we wish for than MAINTAINING it once we get it.

If you worked hard to buy the new car of your dreams, then neglected its maintenance, it would devalue quickly.

This is the same in a business, sports, vision, or even marriage.

Of course, it is much harder to pursue and build that initial dream into your life, but there is maintenance to KEEP IT flourishing after you get it.

You CONTINUE TO PUSH FORWARD to make it better and better.


The pursuit only takes you to higher levels of success with it.

Stepping into your dream and keeping it flourishing requires maturity and commitment to it.

It is a test of your real passion to keep it alive and flourishing.

But without that spark of pursuit constantly driving you to seek after your dream, it will become boring.

You must set new goals for that career, business, vision, hobby, or relationship to always keep you pursuing to make it better than before.

Yes, in creating a new business, a new dream, a new relationship, a new hobby, there is the excitement of the unknown. Still, the success of any of these areas is not in the excitement and enthusiasm about it when you are chasing your dream.

It is in the ability to keep that pursuit alive with excitement and enthusiasm partnered with a commitment to keep it flourishing.
Consistency of pursuit is the key to keeping that business, dream, hobby, or relationship alive and flourishing and exciting once it arrives.

Some people are addicted to the chase. They lack the maturity to continue that pursuit once their dream arrives. They are the ones who leave a trail of failures behind them.

Never feel like you have “arrived.”
It is in keeping the pursuit alive; you keep your dream alive.

What new levels are you seeking for 2022 in your business, vision, hobby, relationship? Place a carrot out in front of you and go for it!

Are you still pursuing?
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