Where will you be in 2023?

Where would you like to be, whom would you like to be, and whom would you like to be with a year from now? As you plan for 2022, take a moment and literally walk into the future in your mind. Then, step into your tomorrow in your imagination.

How and where do you want to wake up a year from now?

Look out your window. Is it where you want to be?

Have that first cup of coffee and look inside a year from now.
Is your soul satisfied with YOURSELF just as you are and how you are? How would you want yourself to be?

Look at the people around you. Are you satisfied with your RELATIONSHIPS? Are you in toxic or unstable ones or healthy ones? How do you see your relationship with these people a year from now?

Where will you be in pursuing your life DREAM? Will you settle for just having an income, or do you see yourself sitting in that dream in a year?

Are you alone in that dream or in partnerships? If you are in partnerships already, are they as serious as you about that dream? Do they have a divided heart, or are they laser-focused on the vision, or are they going to hold you back?

Focus on these three, who YOU want to be, WHO you want and need to be with, and WHAT do you want to be doing.

It is the fast track to your future!

Take five minutes to step back into that future imaginary world each morning.

Speak it out loud to yourself.
“THIS is where I am going to be…” and take everyone else out of the equation but yourself. No one else can do it for you.

Don’t look around.
Don’t wait around.
Don’t look back.

Your future is in front of you.

Let’s get on your imagination bypass!
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