Who burns with your passion?

What causes two smaller flames to become one larger one? “Mutuality” -or energy combining or similar. The added energy input from the wider / adjacent flame affects combustion within the flame.” explains Russell McMahon, physics.stackexchange.com.

Mutuality is the sharing of a feeling, action, or relationship between two or more parties. It’s in this a place of an alliance, common ground, fraternization, that this phenomenon happens.

I love to be around “fiery” people who light up the world around them. My greatest joy in connecting with people on Linked In has been finding those other “flames” that burn with a passion for motivating children and youth to thrive.

There’s a camaraderie that happens because we burn with the same flame. Each one of us is different, with different strengths and ways of doing what we do, but the flame is the same.

Just like two candles, as we get close through the sharing of passion and ideas, it creates a synergism that affects the combustion within each of us.

Connected, we each flame higher and brighter.

We make one another stronger.

This is the power of connections.

Take the time to search out connections that burn, that are fires, that are lights, that make you better.

Who makes you burn brighter?

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