Who Would Miss You the Most if You Were Gone?

Who would miss you the most if you were gone? I often talk about priorities in our lives and spending time with who and what matters most to us. If you were to disappear today from your company, your network/community, your friends, your family, who would miss you the most?

Who truly values you?
Who care enough that your absence would leave a hole in their life?

To whom are YOU indispensable?

You might want to prioritize time with them.

You see, we can spend so much time in this life spinning our wheels and going nowhere.

Many people are only there for what they can get from you.
You are dispensable.

If you were gone, they would find someone else or already have someone in mind to fill that role, whether personally or in business, because you are just meeting a need anyone can fill.

Find a people group, a following, a relationship who wouldn’t want to live without YOU being there.

Find the place where you are indispensable!

Imagine if today if all cellphones disappeared.
There would be a huge communication hole that would be left that nothing else could fill.

Who you are and what you bring to the world can be just that special to the right person.

There are jobs that ONLY you can fill.
There are visions that ONLY you can fill.
There are relationships that ONLY you can fill.

Examine your current life and business situations this weekend.

Are you indispensable?
Who is indispensable to you?

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